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How To Cook Potatoes – 30 Easy and Quick Potato Recipes


Potato is a starchy crop and its recipes are almost like the people in the whole world. It is the only crop that is cheap is rates that’s why it’s selling in much more than any other one and have countless recipes. Are your kids likes to eat potato fries or snacks, and your hubby is in love with sweet potato pie or soup? then, simply try out these easy potato recipes at home. In this delicious recipes post, you will get so many different ideas for the preparation of potatoes in different forms and flavors. You can use these recipes for snacks, for dinners, and even for your lunchtime. So bake it, fry it or cook it, the choice is yours.

Potato Recipes (2)

7 Potato Snack Recipes

Did you really like to eat the crispy potato snacks? if yes, then there is a special news for you. The great recipes for the potato snacks are smartly made a part of this post. The cooking ideas are different and of course, the taste as well.  So try out these best snacks recipes at home and skip to buy any ready-made chips or snacks for you.

Ultimate Mash Potatoes and Thanksgiving Stuffing

Kids love to eat potatoes. Eating potato is not only delicious but also a healthy idea. But what will be good for you? well, this mash potato and stuffing recipe will feed your appetite with a different, and the mouth-watering recipe of the potatoes. Let’s begin to check out the easy instructions for the recipe.

How to Cook Bone-in Chicken Breasts and the Best Baked Potato

No doubt, that you must have tried different recipes for the potato preparations. But have you ever tried to bake a potato for your dinner and the lunchtime? if not, have a look at the simple video tutorial that seems ready to serve you with a unique and tasteful idea of potato baking at home.

How To Make Homemade Sweet Potato Pie

Yes, it’s true that besides the use of salt in potato recipes. Using a potato in sweet dishes is also getting popularity among the chefs. That’s why we are here with a fantastic idea of sweet potato pie. The yummiest taste of this sweet potato pie will make you forget about all the other sweet recipes.

How To Make Pot Roast With Potatoes

Potatoes are such fantastic food that it is almost liked by everyone. Starting from the kid’s pudding to the older’s recipes potato serve best with high elements in it. So here we have a delicious idea for the potatoes and that is pot roast with potatoes. Try out this one right now!

How to Make: Loaded Chicken & Shrimp Potato

First of all, check out the name for the given potato recipe. Is not it sounds mouth-watering with words? Yes, this is the most tasteful potato recipe that we have all picked up for you. The delicious preparation of the loaded chicken and the shrimp potatoes will soon become your favorite one in taste.

How To Make Roasted Sweet Potato & Apple Soup

Don’t get bored with the simple and all-time same use of potatoes in recipes, like in the curry and frying. Try out something really healthy and mouth-watering. It’s time to learn that how you can cook a roasted sweet potato and apple soup at home? For your ease, we have attached the simplest video tutorial.


What a great combination of the food is shown here in the video tutorial? of course, heart-winning. The mouth-watering look of the spicy blackened shrimp bakes potatoes will definitely surprise your guests and visitors. It is the best potato recipe to prepare for your family, your kids, and for your honorable guests.

Down Home Country Fried Potatoes With Onions

Cooking the delicious potato recipe without using the high amount of oil or heavy ingredients in it is now possible one for you. These fried potatoes with onions recipe are no doubt tasty and best one to eat with bread or an Asian style Roti. Grab out this down home country recipe to make your dinner time remember able for you.

Twice Baked Potato Recipe With Momdre

Let’s get started together on the delicious preparing method of the twice bakes potatoes. This amazing recipe is shown here with the momdre that makes it more flavorful. So make your dinning table simply attractive one for you by making the tasty addition of these potatoes tonight.

How To Make Potato Pancakes

If we started to talk about the recipes for the pancakes, you will definitely get too many ideas for it on the internet. But there is something really special for you in this video. As it brings to you the surprising and the tasty recipe of the potato pancakes. Yes, this one will be the easiest one and for sure liked by the people around you.

Mukbang + Potato Salad Recipe

Another finger-licking potato salad with the easy tutorial is shown here in the recipes posted. The simple mixing of different healthy ingredients is leading the taste of this Mukbang potato salad recipe to the heights of taste. Check out the simplest,  healthy salad recipe here.

Scalloped Potatoes Recipe

Check out another flavorful recipe for the potatoes that will make your day with there delicious taste. This video tutorial is going to show you out a fabulous scalloped potatoes recipe. This tasteful recipe will for sure a great addition to the menu list. Let’s try it now before you forget about it!

Fried Chicken and Sweet Potato Pie

As we have already made your introduction with the quickest recipe for the sweet potato pie in the post above, but now the recipe is going to show with a great chicken recipe. This crispily fried chicken recipe and the potato pie both will make your dinner time complete and the simply delicious one for you.

How to cook Steak + Asparagus + Potato Hash

Here we are bringing to you something different! In this delicious video tutorial, you will get the easy recipes for the three different recipes. One is the steak, the second one is the asparagus, and the third tasteful is the potato hash. Check out this video before you will get busy with any other task.

Homemade Potato Soup Cooking With Paul Recipe What’s For Dinner

Are you looking for a tasteful potato recipe for today’s dinner? opt. out this one. The simple yet the different recipe for the homemade potato soup will add fun to your cooking. And you and your family will ones taste it, for sure demand for it next time. So have a look at Paul’s potato soup recipe.

Easy Potato Soup Recipe – How To Make Potato Soup

Why are you wasting your money on ready-made food items? or waiting for long time in restaurants to eat delicious soups that seems healthy but is really they are? Simply prepare the best soup for you at home by using this tasteful potato soup recipe brought near to you in this easy video.

Bacon and Egg Potato Salad Easy Recipe

Adding some potatoes in the salad is quite popular and appears tasty in recipes. But this time, we have the flavorful recipe for you having a great addition of potatoes in it. The bacon and the egg potato salad easy recipe is made a part of this quickest video tutorial. Check out the given potato recipe idea to enjoy a different salad at home.

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