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Healthy Egg Recipes from Kids to Adults


It’s time to add some delicious egg recipes to your breakfast, lunch and brunch menus that are not only mouthwatering in taste but healthy one from all kids to adults. Inspite of bringing these yummy recipes, you will also came to know that how to cook some egg recipes perfectly. Eggs are simply flavourful food item and at the same time an amazing food that is rich in proteins. Proteins intake is very essential for the proper working of our body so check out these yummy food recipes to make your food healthy for you. In this article, you will get familiar with some Korean, Turkish, Indian and finger licking egg recipes from all around the world. The preparation for these healthy recipes have made easy for you with these given video tutorials. So let’s get ready to try these appealing food ideas right now!

Perfect Egg Rolls Recipe Tamagoyaki

Let’s get ready to cook this delicious, full of nutrition Japanese omelet recipe called Tamagoyaki. This is an appealing breakfast recipe that is usually made with the rolling of eggs. Makiyakinable is the name of the pan that is specially used for the preparation of this yummy, perfect egg rolls.

Scotch Eggs – Crispy Sausage-Wrapped Soft Cooked Egg

Here bringing to you an amazing egg recipe for your kids as well as for the adults.This crispy, taste scotch eggs are basically a recipe in which the hard-boiled eggs are wrapped in meat or mince. This flavorful recipe is best to serve in breakfast, and also in your lunchtime.

How to Cook a Delicious Egg Omelet

Are you a beginner in cooking food and looking for an easy recipe to cook a delicious egg omelet with the help of a tutorial, then this recipe is all here for your ease. This tasty omelet recipe is quick and fully nutritious. So check out the video tutorial and just follow the instructions shown in the video.

Chef Robert Irvine’s Healthy Egg Recipes 3 Ways

Chef Robert Irvine a well-known chef all around the world are bringing to you some easy egg recipes that are delicious and flavorful. These three different recipes of egg making are specially brought in this post to deliver you something really called tasteful. Have a look at the tutorial shown below.

How to make EGG MUFFINS breakfast recipe

Let’s learn another wonderful egg recipe to eat it in your breakfast. These delicious egg muffins are nutritional and easy to prepare for the use of oven as well as with no-bake method. These tasty egg muffins breakfast recipe is a delicious way to change your boring breakfast menu into exciting one.

3 Easy Egg Recipes – Quick Breakfast Recipes

Now we have some great egg recipes for you. These quick breakfast recipes are delicious and healthy food ideas for you. Eggs are the wonderful source of protein so add these yummy recipes to your breakfast menu and enjoy the delightful experience of your breakfast with it. This video tutorial will for sure assist you in the preparation of these three easy egg recipes.

Egg and Cabbage Stir Fry Recipe

Now add flavor to your life with the addition of this amazing food recipe. This egg and cabbage stir-fry recipe is delicious and easy to cook food recipe. This tasteful recipe is full of proteins and iron in it as the best combination of eggs and cabbage is made for it’s preparing. Have a look at the cooking method of this tasteful recipe.

Easy Korean Fluffy Steamed Egg One-Pot Recipe

Check out the easy preparing method for the this Korean fluffy steamed egg one-pot recipe. These steamed eggs are delicious in taste and mostly oil-free. The origin of this recipe was from the Korean state so the word Korean is must to add in its name. This is another egg recipe that your kids will love to eat in their breakfast.


Spiralized sweet potato egg nests is another delicious, yummy and tasteful recipe with the use of eggs in it. This flavorful recipe only takes around 15 minutes for its preparation so it is not only tasty but quick one as well. This is a unique egg recipe, best to serve to your guest or to use as a brunch for you.

4 Egg Recipes For Breakfast To Lose Weight

Losing weight is now not a difficult task for you. Simply make a little change in your breakfast menu and lose your calories while eating a delicious and yummy food recipes. These four egg recipes are specially made a part of this recipe post for those who are conscious of their health and desires to eat deliciously while maintaining their weight.

Turkish Poached Eggs recipe

It is a delicious Turkish eggs recipe that is simply served with yogurt and with the addition of different sauces in it. This mouth-watering recipe is easy to cook and have all the nutrients that a person desires in his food. Check out the video tutorial for the video shown below and add taste to your life with this recipe.

How to Make EGG in BREAD Simple Quick Breakfast recipe

Want to surprise your kids with something delicious and impressive in look, then choose out this eggs in bread simple breakfast recipe. This video will assist you that how easily you can make these egg in breakfast idea on your own. So give right, give health to your kids and show your love to them in a different way through your cooking.

How To Cook Perfect Eggs Every Time

It sounds little annoying that how to cook an egg as it is not a difficult task at all. But it is not yet simple as many of us thinks about that. So here we are bringing to you great methods of cooking a perfect egg every time. These ideas will make your egg preparation perfect for you.

How to Cook Perfect Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

Eating an egg daily will keeps you healthy. As eggs are the great source of proteins and proteins are an essential nutrient that our body requires for proper working. This yummy fluffy scrambled eggs idea will deliver to a delightful method that how we can perfectly cook this recipe, so here have a look at the tutorial.

Egg Roll | 5 Best Egg Recipes With Chef Anupa

Bringing to you another yummy egg recipes that are all created with the cooking talent of chef Anupa. In simple words, these delicious egg roll recipes are presented by an Indian chef Anupa Das. She had smartly balanced the use of spices in it and made it flavorful with the addition of various ingredients.

Cheesy Baked Egg Boats | Breakfast Egg Recipes

Cheesy baked egg boats are another well-known egg recipe all around the world. But sometimes, while you prepare to cook them at home, become confused. So use this simple tutorial given in the video that will amazingly make the process of preparing these cheesy baked egg boats easy for you.

3 Healthy Baked Egg Recipes

Have a look at these three healthy egg recipes. These delightful egg recipes are healthy as it is made smartly with the baking method. The addition of heavy food or high calories ingredients is kept away from these ideas. So let’s enjoy these healthy bakes egg recipes and skip old egg preparing method from your life.

Healthy Baby Food Recipe – Egg rice for Toddler & Kids

Here we are bringing to you another delicious yet healthy egg recipe for your ease. Now stop worrying about your toddler’s health and smartly prepare this egg rice idea for them. This is not only healthy but a yummy egg recipe that your toddler will definitely love to eat anytime you desire to serve him.


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