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Easy to Make Best DIY Air Fryer Recipes


Now enjoy your frying food items without the use of oil in them, yes with no oil in them. Cooking a crispy fries, delicious chicken and baking a fruitcake, all was not easy before the use of air fryer for them. So try these DIY air fryer recipes that are easy to make and no doubt full of taste. These tantalizing air fryer recipes will help you to reduce the huge intake of calories from your meals as all are cooked with oil-free preparing methods. We have just skipped the use of oil for the preparation of these  DIY recipes, so just stop worrying about the taste as it will appear most delicious to your taste buds from the before. So must-try these air fryer ideas in your first free-time.


Let’s ready to change your everyday cooking and frying style with these 3 must-try recipes that all are made in air fryer. Air fryer is simply an invention that helps us to reduce fat in our daily meal through frying them in this machine. Try these 3 crispy and tasty recipes and enjoy your food.

Chicken Tandoori Recipe in Philips Airfryer

Presenting a delicious and mouth-watering recipe for the chicken tandoori lovers. This yummiest recipe is all cooked in Philips air fryer so for sure it has fewer calories in it. This juicy and crispy chicken will provide pleasure to your taste buds and you will love to cook this one every time.

Potato Fingers Crispy Potato Rava Fingers Recipe

Have you ever thought of preparing a potato crispy fingers without the use of oil in it? Well, that all was entirely impossible before the invention of air fryer but now it is quite possible for you. Enjoy your crispy fingers as a snack and just stop worrying about fat, because it is smartly cooked with the useful method.

Easy Vegan Air Fryer Recipes

Now prepare your tempting vegan without the use of oil in it. Yes without oil, simply follow the instruction for the recipe given in the video below and enjoy every single bite of your food without worrying about anything. This easy fry air fryer idea is just presented as according to your health concerns.

Fruit Cake Recipe with Philips Airfryer

Serve a delicious, juicy and yummy fruitcake to your family and friends with this amazing fruitcake recipe. The moist cake is all baked in Philips air fryer to serve you something easy and useful for your tea and late night cravings. Try out this fruitcake recipe that is full of taste and easy to cook as well.


Let’s cook together a tasteful recipe of chicken fried rice. This finger licking chicken fried rice are all prepared in air fryer. Using an air fryer for cooking will simply reduce the time of preparation and make a food instant for us. Check out the idea given below in the video.

Cocktail Samosa Recipe With Philips Airfryer

The word Samosa sounds fats but now the term and the taste both are changed enough. This cocktail samosa recipe is flavorful, spicy and simply oil free. Try this cocktail samosa recipe in Philips air fryer and skip the use of huge intake of calories through fryer your snacks in air fryer.

Crispy Air Fried Chicken Recipe

Don’t add too much oil to your everyday meals and stay healthy by eating healthy. This crispy, juicy chicken is also cooked in air fryer and the recipe for its preparation is also simple and delicious. Amaze your children by preparing such a flavorful chicken at home with the help of given instructions in the video.

Marinated Salmon Recipe Cooked in the Air Fryer

Now try something really simple and full of taste in your kitchen in the form of this marinated salmon recipe. Cooking a tasty, marinated salmon was not an easy task before the use of air fryer, but with this idea, you can attractively change your food preparing method and the flavor as well.

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