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Easy Noodle Recipes with Few Ingredients


Preparing an easy and healthy noodles recipe is now on your finger-tips. There are some new and tasty noodles cooking methods and ideas are provided here in this post. By making a little change in the added ingredients or preparation method, you can easily enjoy the finger-licking taste of noodles variety. There are few Japanese, Korean, and Asian noodles recipes. Many of these are watery, spicy and cheesy. While some are prepared in rainbow colors, and few of them are cooked by keeping the intake of low-calories in it. So check out the easy and the quickest methods of noodles recipes shown here in the simplest video tutorials.

noodles recipes


Hurry up let’s try out this delicious recipe for the preparation of tasty noodles. These 10 packs of spicy fried noodles are so simple to prepare for the work of few minutes on it. You can easily prepare these spicy noodles to pack these in your kid’s lunch box and even good for your hubby’s lunchtime.


Are you in love to eat noodles and desires to eat something really mouth-watering then choose out these stir-fried udon noodles to have a yummy lunch time. These yummiest noodles will definitely become the favorite one of your beloved kids. And you will really like and have fun in cooking these noodles.


Here we came up with another mouth-watering recipe of the chow mein noodles that is made delicious with the fantastic addition of various healthy and tasteful noodles. The quickest recipe for the noodles is given here in the video tutorial. So for what are you waiting for? choose out this tasty noodles recipe to feed your appetite.


Simply stop worrying if your beloved kid only likes to eat noodles every time. You can easily bring a great change for his taste buds by preparing a different noodles recipe each time. There are two different, yet delicious recipes are presented here. One is the spicy cheesy noodles and the second one, is the black bean noodles.

Mukbang Recipe Fried Kimchi Noodles

Here comes up another tasteful recipe for the fried kimchi noodles. This tasty noodles idea is simple and the quickest one to prepare at home. You can use this mouth-watering idea for your beloved kids, to serve these to your guests and even better one to cook for having an amazing change in your boring lunch time.

Instant Pot Chicken and Noodles

Have you ever thought of preparing the yummiest chicken noodles instantly at home? If not, then simply opt. this fabulous idea for the noodles to get the delicious experience at the first free time. The idea is instant and yet the delicious one. So get prepared to cook these yummiest noodles recipe in your first free-time.

Homemade Lasagna with from Scratch Noodles

Have you ever thought to cook a delicious lasagna recipe with noodles? if not, then try out this one. This easy noodles recipe is prepared by making a little change is all-time noodles cooking recipe. But the flavor of these noodles will for sure become the favorite one of you and your family.

Easy Ham And Noodles Recipe That Kids Love

Let’s cook best and special for your beloved kids. Prepare in less time and deliver some mouth-watering recipes of noodles to your that they love. This easy, meaty noodles recipe is prepared with a ham used in it. So there is a large amount of protein in it and of course, the taste is just awesome.


Chinese lo mein noodles are the most popular recipe of noodles all among the world. Residents of almost all the countries wents to restaurants, and demands for the lo mein noodles in Chinese restaurants. But why only to eat them outside of the home? try to prepare them at home as an easy recipe for these delicious noodles is given here for your assistance.

Low Carb SHIRATAKI NOODLE Review & Taste Test

Have a craving to eat low carb food? especially the delicious noodles? then, don’t be worried anymore and try out this shirataki noodles recipe. These tasteful noodles look yummy and of course, these are. We have tried three different flavors of these ready to cook noodles, and all are simply flavorful.


Is your kid is just in love with eating Cheetos? and you are looking to give them something really healthy and mouth-watering? then, simply check out these delicious flamin’ hot Cheetos noodles recipe given here in the video tutorial. The recipe is simple but no doubt different and healthy one for your kid as well.

Stir Fried Rice Noodles Recipe

What a great combination of noodles with rice is shown here in the video tutorial? No doubt, mouth-watering. These stir-fried rice noodles recipe appears tasteful with the great mixing of sauces and healthy ingredients. The recipe is so proudly presented in a famous Asian cooking show. An easy recipe preparing method is also guided here step by step.

Japanese Soba NOODLES from scratch by Master Chef

Now feed your appetite with the tasteful noodles prepared with having few sauces. These Japanese soba noodles are the all-time famous recipe of Japan but with time, get popularity all around the world. Simply cook these delicious noodles with the help of the given video tutorial shown here just for you.

Korean Watermelon Spicy Noodles

There is no doubt in the saying that the Korean cuisine has an exceptional taste. That’s the reason when we think about to eat spices, the thing that comes first in our mind is the spicy noodles made with the Korean recipe. Let’s try out a finger-licking watermelon spicy noodles given with instructions for your ease.

Chicken Chow Mein Recipe – Asian Chinese Food Recipes

Asian Chinese food recipes are all-time popular recipes. These recipes have different taste and simply mouth-watering. As in Chinese recipes, there is less use of spices, but if you are looking to prepare them with Asian recipe then, you can easily enjoy the great flavor of Chicken chow mein with spices in it.


How To Make Japchae (Korean Glass Noodles)

Looking for a delicious yet an easy recipe with which you can easily prepare Korean glass noodles at home? this one is just added to the post for you. The finger-licking taste of these noodles will make this recipe your favorite one. You can easily prepare Japchae for your guest’s dinner arrangements and of course, to please your dearest hubby.

Spicy Noodles Secret Recipe

Are you craving a spicy food item and don’t have anything at home, other than a pack of noodles? it’s simply a blessing for you. As we are here with a spicy, yummy, tasteful recipe of the noodles preparation at home. We will also reveal the secret behind the great taste of these spicy noodles. Have a look at the tutorial shown below.

Rainbow Noodle Challenge

Are you ready to surprise everyone in your family with the finger-licking and the mind-blowing recipe of the noodles? then, be ready to prepare these fabulous rainbow noodles recipe shown here in the video tutorial. These colorful noodles will serve best in look but no doubt these are yummy and simply mouth-watering.


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