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Easy And Healthy Japanese Recipes


Japanese food recipes are unique, tasty and delicious. Their traditional recipes mostly based on rice that is served with various sauces and curries. On side recipes, their food contains fish and pickled vegetables. Japanese favorite well-known recipes are teriyaki, sushi, ramen, Kiri mochi and much more. Preparing Japanese food is now the easiest task for you, as we are here with all their famous recipes. Japanese food is flavorful and at the same time, healthy that you can easily prepare for every single member of your family. So let’s try out these easy Japanese food recipes one by one shown in the post below.

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Easy Teriyaki Chicken Recipe | Japanese Fried Rice

Let’s enhance the grace of your dining table by adding this appetizing Japnese fried rice on it. This easy delicious saucy recipe is simple to prepare where you can add various sauces for the taste. The juicy chicken over the rice seems the best idea to feed your taste buds with something really flavorful.

Succulent Yakitori (Chicken) Recipe

Succulent yakitori is the famous Japanese street food. It is quite similar to shish kababs. This delicious, juicy chicken recipe is prepared with the succulent pieces of chicken in it. Hot barbeque sauce is used for its preparation. The video tutorial will make you able to cook this spicy chicken recipe on a charcoal fire.

Japanese Kiri Mochi  Spicy Rice cakes Recipe Mukbang!!| KEEMI

In Japan, Kiri mochi is a storecupboard ingredient that prepares instantly. This tasty recipe has a mellow chewiness as cooked. This Kiri mochi spicy rice cakes will serve you a delicious taste that you can easily prepare in almost 15 to 20 minutes. Check out the video tutorial for this Japanese recipe.

Japanese Curry Udon Cooking Recipe

Japanese curry udon is a flavorful recipe that has been popular in Japan for a very long time. But the other countries are still unaware of the mouth-watering taste of this curry. This Japanese recipe has a thick texture as compared to Thai curries. This is simply a tasty recipe that you will like to taste at ones.

Japanese Soba NOODLES from scratch by Master Chef

In Japan Soba is a term known for buckwheat. These buckwheat noodles are quite thin in look as compared to other noodles. Not only tasty but also contains many healthy amino acids in it. This finger-licking recipe of soba noodles is fast and quick and you can easily serve it hot or cold. The taste of the noodles is flavorful and refreshing as well.


Now here we are bringing to you four different recipes for Japanese pizzas. These easy DIY recipes are tasty, yummy and cheesy for cheese lovers.  The recipes include Margherita pizza, salmon pizza, honey cheese pizza and much much more. Let’s bake a Japanese pizza at home with these recipes.

How to Make Sushi: Easy Step-by-Step Instructions

Sushi is a well-known Japanese dish that is mostly prepared with various sauces, veggies, and other tropical fruits. And of course, seafood is its main component. So let’s learn that how you can prepare this delicious, sweet and salty Japanese recipe step by step with the given instructions in the tutorial.

Authentic Japanese Cooking / Oyako-don: Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl

This is another mouth-watering and well-known recipe in Japna. This Oyako-don is a wonderful recipe that contains chicken and rice, is it? The serving of the dish is impressive and the taste is exceptional. Let’s try out this egg rice bowl with chicken recipe tonight to add a well-known food item of Japan.

Koji: The Mother of Japanese Cuisine

Koji is particularly a Japanese national fungus that is used for the fermentation of rice to create various food items soya sauce, miso etc. This delicious Koji recipe is tasty, simple and well serve your taste buds with an impressive food idea. Check out the preparation method for the mother of the Japanese cuisine.

Custard pudding steamed buns recipe inspired by mini stop Japan creative recipe

No doubt that you have tasted various custard puddings but this time, you can going to prepare a different Japanese pudding recipe. This custard pudding steamed buns recipe is a creative idea that will amazingly feed your appetite. The soft, yummy texture of the recipe will give you a mind-blowing experience as you plan to cook it.

Japanese street food grilled noodles recipe

Another appetizing food recipe from Japan is now at your fingertips. This yummy, eggy grilled noodles will for sure increase your appetite. The taste of the recipe is mouth-watering, and the texture is at the same time, mind-blowing. The recipe is the best combination of proteins. Have a look at the instructions.

Japanese style Mapo tofu with pork and miso (easy recipe)

Mapo Tofu is basically a Chinese recipe but here you will learn that how you can prepare it in Japanese style. This mapo tofu is delicious and is cooked with miso and pork in it. Grab out this meaty, salty Japenese recipe for your dinner parties and regular lunch time. Various sauces are used in its preparation that makes it juicy.

Chashu Shoyu Ramen Recipe and History

This is simply another tasteful Japenese recipe. Chicken, different veggies and soup like look are its simple description. This finger-licking recipe will increase your appetite as you start preparing it. Here is the simple recipe for the delicious, and very old Japanese recipe that will assist you in term of preparing.

Shime Saba Traditional Japanese Recipe for Sushi

Here we have another recipe for the traditional recipe of Japan. This sushi recipe is delicious, tasteful and mouth-watering. The recipe is cooked in the oven. While it is full of proteins so that you can simply eat a healthy, delicious recipe together. Check out the video tutorial shown below.

Japanese Lamb Onion Curry Rice with S&B Golden Curry Sauce Cubes Hot Japanese food

Now get ready to prepare another delicious curry rice recipe. This is not an ordinary rice recipe but an appetizing Japanese Lamb onion curry recipe with various sauces. The video tutorial shown below will let you make this finger-licking recipe in few minutes.

Ganbatte Japan – Chirashi and Futomaki Sushi Rolls Recipe and Assembly

Let’s serve your friends and guest with a special Japanese recipe. These chirashi and futomaki sushi rolls are made with the use of various sauces, also contains sea-food in it. These crispy rolls all here for you. With these you can easily show your exceptional skills to your family members.

Street food in Japan the best teppanyaki recipe

Here we are going to make your introduction to the spicy yet delicious Japanese recipe. Teppanyaki is particularly a pattern of Japanese cooking in which an iron plate is used for grilling, pan-frying, and of course for broiling. So check out the video tutorial and learn that how you can prepare this mouth-watering recipe easily.

Japan street food Okonomiyaki recipe and shapes

Yes, Okonomiyaki is a Japanese street food recipe that contains various delicious ingredients in it. This Japanese pancake is easy to cook while giving it different shapes. The word okonomiyaki means what you like so it is easy to give this flavorful recipe any shape that you like. Try out this yummy. grilled recipe right now.

How to Make Sushi at Home – (Vegetarian & Fish Sushi Recipe/Tutorial)

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